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Space, Flesh & Woe [zoom in on liner notes]
The New Psychelectric Rock Album

Released October 1st, 2012
Now available on:
CD Baby
Reverbnation (Physical CDs)

First Reviews of "Space, Flesh & Woe":

"With his distinct vocals and willingness to explore and push conventional genres with his own unique take, this album stretches the boundaries of psych/rock. This is the 26 year old world traveler's ninth album, he is a young man with an old soul and tales to tell."

- Popa's Tunes


"You can’t get much more original than Jim from the Moon.

Earlier this year, the unorthodox indie rocker released a five-track acoustic EP titled I’m Going to Steal You. There are no cheesy melodies or predictable phrasing. It is simply a compilation of honesty laid over top of groovy acoustic guitar work.

Jim from the Moon is back from his lunar expeditions with an electric space-rock album that boasts many of the same refreshing qualities, called Space, Flesh and Woe.

I think listeners will be impressed with the dark, distorted guitars and blatant drum patterns that set up a heavily depressing mood throughout the album. Space, Flesh and Woe, though entirely electric, boasts that same rawness as Jim’s previous EP, and he has an eccentric voice that ties in well with the album’s unusual-sounding instrumentals."

- Alex, Guitar Trump

I am going to steal you

The Dark Acoustic Folk EP
Released April 20th, 2011
Now available on:
CD Baby

Reviews of "I am going to steal you":

"With just a strident voice and acoustic guitar, 'Thanksgiving Day' heralds an aggressive, heartsick busker, possibly with punk rock roots, looking for 'the one' girl, and he wears his heart heavy on his sleeve. "Esqueleton" adds subtle effects in the track that buiid to a wild squall of a climax."  - Music Connection Magazine

"There is something extremely genuine about the stripped back acoustic guitars and vocals that hint at an anguish yet reveal disarmingly simple stories with no corny catch lines or predictable riffage."  - Sally Bailey,

"Delightfully abrasive...'Esqueleton'...the wobbly shimmer of the end of that track reminds me of Radiohead..." - Joe Skrebels, DIY Radio

"Heard five tracks, they're great...and they were phenomenal... make sure to check them out, buy their stuff...find out more about them, that's for sure" - Pat Krane, The Independent Music Podcast

"...Very versatile pieces that are bothhonest and very refreshing when compared to much of today’s cookie-cutter tunes that all seem to follow the same rules." - Guitar Trump

"A heartfelt ode to the consequences of self-harming" - The Mad Mackerel, about 'Alarms' from the 'I am going to steal you' EP

Review of "To Live to Roam" from the Rock LP "The Year I Grew My Hair Real Long":

"I like this artist alot... and the song was pretty sweet too. It is, it's great. It's Jim from the Moon. That's right, 'To Live to Roam'..." - Radio Orphans

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