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At times, Jim From The Moon plays acoustic tunes about girls, the devil, and similar distractions. They flow in the vein of Loudon Wainwright III and Neil Young, sung with a voice soaked in years of Irish storytelling. Other times he expels far-out electric rock that is primal and space-ward, with heavy, psychedelic sounds. Both sides are focused, catchy, and ready to be eaten by your ears.

Jim From The Moon has been playing guitar and writing original music since he was 11. Growing up he spent summers with his family in Ireland. There, he was immersed in the culture of storytelling, with seemingly everyone able to pick up any instrument and play a tune. In high school he taught his two friends to play guitar and bass so he could start his first band. They played as the grungy punk rock band Utica from 2002-’04, recorded demos "Algal Bloom" and "Death To Emo" and played extensively with the local punk rock bands of Northern suburban N.J. Including many shows at the legendary Bloomfield Ave Cafe.

During college, Jim formed the guitar-based rock band Jim Prior and the Band from the Moon with former Utica members, bassist Jose Sofio and guitarist John Picini, plus new drummer James Monaghan. In 2006 they recorded the "Spacemen EP" with engineer Jon Witte at the Music Machine Studio in Hackensack, N.J. In 2007, that band evolved into Antennae with bassist Jose Sofio and drummer James Monaghan.

In 2007, Antennae recorded the demo "Sounds from the End of the World (Heard From Underground)" in Jim's childhood home and played at some legendary venues around N.Y./N.J. (The Stone PonyMercury Lounge, Mainstage,The Pussycat LoungeThe Meat Locker). Also in 2007, Jim From The Moon released his first solo album "Raining on the Feathers of a Dead Bird." It was self-produced and recorded by himself in an old attic full of spiders. The album was a mix of layered acoustic and electric guitars, with spacey vocals reminiscent of Frusciante's more concentrated solo work.

In late 2008, Jim From The Moon teamed up with childhood friend Sam Lehmert (engineering/bass) and Mike Neglia (Long Faces, The Embracers) on drums to begin work on what would become "The Year I Grew My Hair Real Long." It was an experiment in melding their love of outward-reaching bands such as Radiohead/Devo with their admiration of the pop stylings of ’60s bands The Beatles/The Beach Boys/The Tokens. They finished mixing the album on the same day that Jim moved to Ireland. There, he found himself busking on the streets of Galway, playing local open mics, and writing songs that would later appear on his next album.

In the winter of 2010-’11 he moved to Baltimore and quickly got together with engineer Mike Franklin at Hour Haus Studios to record the EP "I Am Going to Steal You," a short but rich collection of tunes written while in Ireland and Baltimore. It is a stripped-down sound highlighting Jim's unique take on the old Irish "Sean-nos" singing, strummed and plucked to a warm acoustic guitar.

The critics: “No B.S. lyrical style…not one ounce of wanker about him…extremely genuine…disarmingly simple stories with no corny catch lines or predictable riffage” “An aggressive, heartsick busker, possibly with punk rock roots…” “versatile pieces…refreshing” “phenomenal”

Soon after recording "I Am Going to Steal You," Jim started to play with local drummer Jeff Boyd. They spent the next winter on Jim’s boat in the Chesapeake Bay, jamming out tunes which would eventually become 2012’s psychelectric “Space, Flesh & Woe”. They would end up playing many classic and new venues in Baltimore and DC, including 8x10, Joe Squared, Sidebar Tavern, and Submerge DC.

More critics: “You can’t get much more original than Jim From The Moon.” “With his distinct vocals and willingness to explore and push conventional genres with his own unique take, this album stretches the boundaries of psychedelic rock…A young man with an old soul and tales to tell.” “…strange but genuinely talented…a fire raging within, finding release in psychedelia…sometimes torn to shreds…bringing out dimensions quite different from what’s glommed in the mainstream…pretty damned individualistic…bold experiments…”

In 2014, Jim From The Moon picked up his guitar and moved out West to the cool breeze and palm trees of Hollywood, California. Over the past year he's put together a powerhouse band of rock and roll destineers chomping at the bit to be seen, heard, and devoured. Jim & company spent this past winter (though you can hardly call it winter with all this sun) recording the follow-up to 2012's psychelectric "Space, Flesh & Woe”. The new "Pretty Dope" EP reveals Jim's continuing desire to distort and mold the spectrum of rock and roll as he sees fit. This time around, Jim is flanked by the soon-to-be world famous Pat Moley on guitar, who grooves through every tune with focused abandon, and Geoff Haba who puts the world in check with peerless drumming. They've played many of Los Angeles’ staple venues including The House of Blues, the Silverlake Lounge, and Molly Malones. JFTM plays The Mint LA coming up on May 31st, with many more to conquer as we approach the summer of 2015.

Keep an eye out for new music and bombastic live shows from Jim From The Moon this summer!!!

Jim - Guitar & Vocals
Pat Moley - Guitar
Geoff Haba - Drums


Algal Bloom EP - 2003
Death to Emo EP - 2004

Sounds From the End of the World EP - 2007

Jim from the Moon:
Spacemen EP - 2005
Some Sound I Found LP - 2007
Raining on the Feathers of a Dead Bird LP - 2008
The Year I Grew My Hair Real Long LP - 2009
I Am Going To Steal You EP - 2011
Space, Flesh & Woe LP - 2012
Pretty Dope EP - 2015

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